Lizard Stew is:

Original music by

Steve Ussery on drums, John Kelley Brown (me) on guitars, and whoever else we can bribe into playing bass for us.

Click on the links below to download my MP3 files.
MP3 Dancing on Broken Glass
1996 original
MP3 Grin Booster
2005 original
MP3 To Jimi
1996 original
MP3 Dreadboots
MP3 Funk You
1993 original
MP3 Dipped In Da Blooze
1993 generic blues jam
MP3 Hymn To Pan
1992 original
MP3 How Many More Times
MP3 Midnight Blues


The Transatlantic amplifier, and other designs


  I built this amp into a blackface Fender Bassman, completely gutted and built my own 2 channel amp design.
  Picture of inside the amp as I originaly built it.
  Picture of inside the amp as it is now.
  Picture of the transformers and tubes.
  Picture of the entire amp.
  Picture of the back view .
  Picture of the inside front .
  Picture of the inside back .
PDF Plexi Plus
I built this plexi Marshall 1987 circuit into a Rodgers 4 x 10" tweed Bassman combo cab, I added a few extra goodies to it. The amp is done and sounds fantastic. All the voltage readings are the real ones taken from the amp. This amp resides at my brother's recording studio.
  Picture of the entire amp, front view.
  Picture of the back view .
  Picture of the back view, open.
MP3 Plexi Plus sample
Rock sample with humbucker.

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